Innovation back in Financial Services?

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Startups are giving financial services a good kicking from a retention and hiring perspective.  Everyone wants to be in a startup, live the dream, be involved in a cool product, and hopefully be rewarded appropriately.  Wall Street and Technology has had a number of articles this year offering insight into the innovation that financial services is driving to not only re-build the sector, but also I suspect to keep staff engaged.  BNY Mellon and Fidelity are the two recently called out, but a quick google will provide some insight into the money being invested into startups by the top 10 or so banks.  Interesting times both within financial services and outside.

Agile Frustrations

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Not Just Code Monkeys presentation from Martin Fowler offers an interesting journey through his presentation.

Conversation stories – programmers should be part of story development.  BA’s and UX’s shouldn’t be left to define the backlog without engineering conversation.

Domain knowledge for a developer is king.

Engineers need to take responsibility for the code

Mr Fowler really doesn’t like finance.

Stream Processing

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Coupled of interesting presentations on InfoQ:

  • High Throughput Stream Processing with ACID Guarantees
  • Mantis: Netflix’s Event Stream Processing System
  • Real-Time Stream Processing as Game Changer in a Big Data World with Hadoop and Data Warehouse

First video is from CASK which has a number of products that look interesting. Anyone played with the CASK products in a financial application context?  There’s a vague financial use case hereTigon looks possibly interesting from a risk perspective, or depending on how low the latency is, maybe even pricing

Platform and Dog Food

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Old but interesting read:

  • The Secret to Amazons Success Internal APIs
  • 6 Things Jeff Bezos Knew Back in 1997 That Made Amazon a Gorilla
  • Ex-Amazonian urges Google to sample Amazon’s secret sauce
  • Getting SOA Right – Thinking Beyond ‘The Right Angles’
  • Google Engineer Accidently Shares His Internal Memo About Google + Platform


TimeSeries AggregatoR – TSAR

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InfoQ’s presentation “TSAR: How to Count Tens of Billions of Daily Events in Real Time Using Open Source Technologies” is worth viewing if you have time.  Apart from the beer trending (24:10), I’d be interested in knowing if anyone in capital markets has looked at user TSAR to understand customer trends, order trends, etc.


How Google Works

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Recently just finished reading How Google Works.  Like so many book, the start of the book is better than the end in my view.  However, I still think its a great book, providing some good insight into practices used by Google that can be leverage elsewhere:

  • Page 28 offers a view on how how the Google culture works in solving problems – in this particular scenario, the result offending ads.  Culture
  • Page 30.  Culture.  Decision by committee vs autocratic or combative approaches.
  • Page 42. Rule of seven.
  • Page 45. Reorg day – get it done fast
  • Page 48. Exile knave but fight for divas
  • Page 64. Don’t be evil.
  • Page 97.  Hierarchical hiring doesn’t work.
  • Page 115.  Some good commentary around interviewing
  • Page 123.  The hiring pack – all to often I have seen committee’s make hiring decisions on lack of data
  • Page 125. Reward outstanding people
  • Page 127. Trade the M&M’s, keep the raisins
  • Page 132.  Google’s Hiring Dos and Don’ts
  • Page 139.  Know your elevator pitch
  • Page 156. Do something, even if its wrong
  • Page 163. Running meetings well – some good rules.  Unfortunate, many forget about meeting etiquette  :(
  • Page 170. Get a coach, not a power point training deck!
  • Page 179. Snippets – weekly status reports
  • Page 189. Email wisdom: respond quickly. clean inbox, Crisp delivery
  • Page 192. 1:1s – performance on job requirements, relationship to peer groups, management/leadership, innovation

Drive – Do you have it?

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Can’t remember who recommended this book, but it was worth the read. Of note:

  • Page 32, “As organizations flatten, companies need people who are self-motivated”
  • Chapter 2, “Seven Reasons Carrots and Sticks (Often) Don’t Work…”
  • Page 51, “People will choose the quickest route” to the destination for an extrinsic reward
  • Page 57, “Companies pay a steep price for not extending their gaze beyond the next quarter”
  • Page 86, Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE)
  • Page 138, “The MBA Oath”
  • Page 162, “Try 20% Time With Training Wheels”
  • Page 169, “Turn Your Next Off-Site into a FedEx Day”
  • Page 173, “If you use performance metrics, make then wide-ranging, relevant, and hard to game”
  • Page 203,  “Carrot & sticks are last century.  Drive says for 21st century work, we need to upgrade to autonomy, mastery and purpose”

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