Excel Services – Traders Dream Architecture?

Could Microsoft’s up-and-coming Excel Services (part of Office 12) be the dream solution to the spread sheet nightmare that often takes over trading desks? Anyone comes across any investment banks using Excel Web Services? EWS could possible be a little to restrictive for most traders – given the lack of create and edit 😦


~ by mdavey on January 18, 2006.

2 Responses to “Excel Services – Traders Dream Architecture?”

  1. Traders will always want to play in their own Workbook sandbox. The traders we’re working with link to each other’s prices using plain old file sharing. The ability to have some shared Excel logic on the server may allow for cleaner (and more auditable) re-use and sharing of spreadsheet content. But for that to happen in a way that traders find useful, there would have to be tightly linked local worksheets with server worksheets (ie: instead of filesystem links, use more robust Excel Services links)? I don’t see that anywhere in the blogs. Am I missing something?

  2. […] Given my recent Excel 12 postings, I though it appropriate to blog about ClusterSeven. I’ve not used ClusterSeven’s product, but given the number of spreadsheets used within the London financial market it’s probably with checking out the solution if you have the spreadsheet hell issue within your organisation. ClusterSeven’s web site has this to say: […]

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