C++ Debug/Release mode

I finally had enough. I’ve had it with people mixing debug and release C runtime libraries in the same process. I’ve decided what I need is a hook into Window (at a minimum via Windows Explorer) that catches the double click or Run… for a new process, possibly checks a predefined list to see if its a development EXE, and then runs the equivalent of Depends.exe to walk all DLL’s in the process to check for any mixing of debug and release C runtimes. I’d also do a check for boost Python DLL’s as well, since you can’t obviously run the debug and release in the same process (BOOST_PYTHON-VC71-MT-1_33.DLL)


~ by mdavey on March 30, 2006.

One Response to “C++ Debug/Release mode”

  1. Why not just write a tool that does the dll walking and reporting and run that as part of the build rather than every time the exe runs. If the tool fails (ie if you have mixed libs) then the build fails…

    Or have it as part of the packaging requirement before an exe goes into production?

    I’d personally have it as part of the build…

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