Vista Thoughts

Since it doesn’t appear as if a new CTP build of Vista is coming anytime soon I’ve decided to blog some of my experiences with build 5308 on the Compaq portable I have.

  • Driver support – still extremely poor (no audio, PCI modem or integrated ethernet support), hopefully the May 25, 2006 CTP will improve this.
  • Notepad – why can’t somebody at Microsoft either remove this application or replace it with Notepad++
  • Task Manager – doesn’t show usernames for all local system account processes. If would also be nice if one day instead of seeing lots of WmiPrvSE.EXE
    svchost.exe and rundll32.exe in task manager, we could get an idea of what each host process is used for instead of having to run over to sysinternals
  • Problem Reports and Solutions – nice feature, just a shame it never fixed my driver issues
  • Windows Security Dialog (“Windows needs your permission to use this program”) – in certain circumstances there isn’t the “Details” option to see what EXE is being run. Its also a shame there is no way of saying that an EXE is safe to run in the future instances – assuming the EXE could be guaranteed to be the same binary (signed in some way) otherwise this dialog is going to become annoying (Redhat has such a feature I seem to remember) – or am I missing this option?
  • Performance Rating and Tools – I have a Windows System Performance Rating of 1 – no Aero on this hardware 😦
  • Event View – much improved UI
  • Windows Firewall and Advanced Security – glad inbound connections are blocked by default, would have preferred outbound connections to have been blocked as well in a similar fashion to ZoneAlarm – maybe with a nice sidebar gadget to show which ports/processes were in use.

~ by mdavey on April 18, 2006.

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