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Chris recently posted about Neoticker’s grid based trading system optimizer preview release being available. I wonder why TickQuest decided to build there own grid software instead of providing integration with DataSynapse of similar. Maybe the Neotiker required certain software feature not readily available in other commercial grid products? The downside of using the Neoticker grid is that the client has to deploy and maintain yet another grid.

~ by mdavey on June 9, 2006.

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  1. Yes – YAGI … (Yet another – ‘yet an other’ statement; note – no relation to YAGNI);

    Yet Another Grid Implementation…

    The trend is of course – to take the N ‘home rolled’ or ‘custom’ 3rd party grid implementations and replace them with A single well known grid implementation. This road – as you personaly are well aware I believe – is also not without peril.

    That said – TickQuest tends towards clients that are more like wealthy entrepreneurs and less like banks etc. that are more likely to be ‘enterprise complete’ with their own grid stuff for other things. The profile of 80% their user base is most like this I believe. So – if the price point for Neoticker is a few k$ – along with ‘lower cost’ data feeds etc, the cost of DataSynapse would dwarf these costs.

    This particular space of people is an interesting one. For a few years – I had consulted for people using Tradestation to build trading systems. (I think I am still listed there even as I still get calls for that stuff). For a period of time I had even partnered with a registered investment advisor (RIA) that resold ‘packaged automated trading systems’ to the same client base. In any case – there are more than a few products in this space and I know few people in the business of selling software to this niche. I know of 1 guy that just stopped selling his commercial trading system optimization software commercially because a fund bought the exclusive rights…. cool stuff for him.

    I am always pondering good products for this niche. With all the stats that show huge upturns in auto-trading/ electronic trading – I can only bet that this niche will grow accordingly.

    Good stuff;

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