Why Microsoft should buy JetBrains

In the Java world, IntelliJ rules in my view. Even with Visual Studio 2005 new refactoring support, to be truely productive you still need ReSharper. If Microsoft still can’t understand the concept of refactoring in 2006, then maybe its time for them to give in, accept they will never build a decent IDE, and buy JetBrains to resolve the issue.

On the subject of Visual Studio 2005, I understand the need for Microsoft to charge more for the Team System versions compared to Professional, but why did they have to only add integrated support for FxCop, Unit Testing and Code Profiling into Team System? Surely these are features every developer should use as standard – yet another reason why Microsoft to buy JetBrains.


~ by mdavey on July 30, 2006.

2 Responses to “Why Microsoft should buy JetBrains”

  1. I believe Eclipse developed a significant lead over NetBeans in refactoring capability thanks to investing in their own incremental compiler and Java language document model. After having done that, refactoring came to them as a perk. It doesn’t look like VS has something like C# language document model, and if ReSharper can provide that, JetBrains would be a good buy.

    Doesn’t look like #develop has a notion of C# language model either, btw.

  2. […] I rarely come across mentions of ReSharper in my aggregator (though I have posted about it myself). I did find these two recently: Why Microsoft should buy JetBrains and one on Visual Studio Rosario by mdavey. […]

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