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~ by mdavey on November 28, 2006.

One Response to “WPF: UniveRSS”

  1. Well dear Frank,

    as much as I’d love UniveRSS, I cannot seem to install it (version .6)

    1. From within Firefox, it’s a no-no. I have to click the link from within IE7. Okay I do so.

    2. It wants me to install .net framework 3.0. That’s interesting, I thought Vista came with .NET 3.0 pre-installed. Well okay as clicking ‘Cancel’ doesn’t get me any further, I let it do its worst.

    3. It wants me to install Windows Foundation Components for WinFX 3.0. Hey! Isn’t this the previous codename for .NET 3.0? Thought so. So I’m actually installing a beta here? Well okay, whatever rocks your boat, I really need UniveRSS!

    4. Half an hour later, everything’s there. But then it opens the application installer again and asks me _again_ to install .NET Framework 3.0. Heck. I don’t know what to do.

    Do you have any solution whatsoever? I’d be happy to read it at sander vandemoortel gmail

    thanks in advance.

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