WPF: Equities Trading

Quite a while ago Lab49 produced a WinFX WPF video. Unfortunately, given that Lab49’s client dictate confidentiality (due to the nature of the leading edge applications we work on) their isn’t any easy way to show what Lab49 builds.  Lab49 therefore decided to build a prototype equity trading system using WPF.  The application is in its very early stages, but you can begin to see where we are going.


The control window offers a ticker style RSS news feed in the status bar.  Trade history shows the most recent trades, the blotter provides your position in the market.  The  stock chart (ticking) offers two modes, standard and skewed.


The latest visualization is a 3D list together with a hook into OpenTick 🙂 – currently we’re using a background thread running at 200ms to fake a moving market.



~ by mdavey on February 24, 2007.

3 Responses to “WPF: Equities Trading”

  1. Nice. Interesting to see that you are using multiple windows to host the various controls. Is this available for free with WPF or are you using a 3rd party library for “floating windows”?

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