Initial Thoughts on Orcas Beta1

Finally Visual Studio has dropped Visual J# – about time! I like the fact that the Professional Edition now includes unit testing, shame it doesn’t include the performance stuff. Refactoring support is still lame – ReSharper is still a add-on requirement in my view.

Dan asks for feedback on presentation technology choices. Since WinForm’s is essentially legacy today, I’d be tempted to go for option 2: Support just WPF.

The 3.5 CLR Framework (build 20404) that ships with Orcas doesn’t appear to include updated WPF assemblies. I though the Channel9 video “WPF State of the Nation” pointed to a point release of WPF with Orcas – maybe this never made Beta1.

Projection is very very cool. Automatic properties saves key strokes 🙂 Collection initializers should have been in a long time ago – as should object initializers. Extension methods remind me of Smalltalk.

Things to read:


~ by mdavey on April 21, 2007.

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