ChartFX for WPF

The current project I’m working on will see the light of day 20th May 2007 at a conference in Florida.  From a development perspective we were lucky enough to have the option to moved to Visual Studio Orcas beta 1 as soon as it was release, which means our codebase has managed to take advantage of the new C# features 🙂 We’re also using the EAP release of ReSharper 3.0.  A downside to using two beta products is that I currently don’t seem to have any Intellisence in XAML 😦  The WPF designer in Orcas beta 1 is definitely an improvement over VS 2005 with the WPF extension, but its still not capable of loading our XAML code, so we’re stuck in the XML editor.

As I’ve blogged about previously, WPF 3rd party controls is another battle area.  Infragistics was incredible slow in responding to emails during its beta period – the controls have recently been released, but judging by the  statement on their purchase page, Volume 2 should be out in the near future, hinting that Volume 1 may not be the greatest release – “Due to this NEW product technology, the source code will not be released until Vol 2 release of this product”

ChartFx (SoftwareFx) have provided us with the best support during their beta period.  We’ve received excellent email responses from their development team together with new builds.

As for Syncfusion, I gather they are developing their WPF offering, but so far there’s no sign of them being available 😦

~ by mdavey on April 27, 2007.

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  1. Hi, are you using ReSharper’s XAML features? If so, could you please tell us how it works, what you like and dislike, what you would like it to do for you?

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