Silverlight: Day One, Installing the Tools

Now that the Silverlight madness from MIX07 has died down a little, I managed to get some time to actually load the software/SDK and have a think about usage scenarios from a financial perspective. From a tools viewpoint, this posting by Microsoft’s Web Development team provides a list of what you need to install.

Installing Silverlight Tools for Orcas Alpha appears to be a bit of a hit/miss process (not really surprising given the alpha status). A colleague walked into this issue:


Whereas the install for me worked fine, but then I hit this issue:


As hinted at by ScottGu, once Silverlight implments the core WPF constructs like layout managers and data-binding, its going to open the doors to some killer applications. WPF data-binding is a must have feature.


~ by mdavey on May 25, 2007.

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