WPF: Microsoft Surface

Very cool.  Scobleizer has more info.

Update: What I forgot the mention is that the Surface software is built using WPF 🙂 Anyone got any ideas what “variant of Windows Vista” means? “Surface runs on a standard Vista installation with a layer of code on top that is specific to the project” maybe implies the device drivers for multitouch support? I’m guessing “custom WPF controls had to be created by the Surface team due to the unique interface of Surface” just means multitouch support in .NET 3.0 WPF?

Update: Sounds like WPF needed very little work. Surface is also Orcas .NET 3.5


~ by mdavey on May 30, 2007.

One Response to “WPF: Microsoft Surface”

  1. Yes looks good. I’ve been using the Touchstream multi-touch keyboard form Fingerworks for a long time. This technology is long overdue to hit the mainstream. Lets hope it happens this time. At least MS and Apple are now backing it in various forms. Roll on the more natural UIs.

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