SIFMA: .NET StockTrader

At the 2007 Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) Technology Management Conference & Exhibit, Microsoft released the .NET StockTrader application. .NET StockTrader is suppose to be a “blueprint for how companies can use its (Microsoft’s) technologies”. Given that Microsoft spent time and money on a financial services application to show off ASP.NET and WCF, why didn’t they go the extra mile and product a rich WPF client as well?


~ by mdavey on June 21, 2007.

2 Responses to “SIFMA: .NET StockTrader”

  1. Who wrote it? Did Lab 49 or Infusion?

  2. Actually, we did. The .NET StockTrader WPF smart-client application is part of the sample install at This is a simple rich-client, but based on WPF and Web Services, and also interops with .NET services and J2EE services just like the ASP.NET front end.

    We hope to enhance this smart client/WPF app in near future with richer capabilities; and hope to do a smart-device version as well, which is pretty straightforward using .NET Compact Framework and .NET support for mobile devices.

    -Greg Leake
    Microsoft Corp.

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