Who’s in Charge?

I’ve worked on a number of projects where the team has spanned 2-3 counties. One of the major hurdles to overcome on these projects is deciding who is in charge.  Each location usually has a number of developers together with a team leader who may or may not be local to the team.

Somewhere in the mix there is a project manager, who may or may not have each of the team leads reporting to him from the perspective of line management. Stir in the politics of a global corporation, one-up-man ship between locations, and you now have a project that may possibly have no clear direction, leaving a meandering trail of garbage in the form of code.

Each location may refuse to tell the other locations what their doing, apart from the obvious project planned tasks (assuming a plan actually exists). Architecture and design decision become almost impossible to achieve, leading to a constant refactor of prototype code that adds no business value and never gets delivered to the trading desk.

How do you solve the above?  At the end of the day, from where I sit, you need people at one location who can push though sensible decision and take control of the project from an implementation perspective. You need characters that have a strong will to achieve what can sometimes be viewed as the impossible.  People who have a vision can help to delivery these types of projects.  Without a vision, the game is over before it’s started.

~ by mdavey on July 23, 2007.

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