WPF: PresentationDesignDeveloper

Following on from the Reach posting, why the name PresentationDesignDeveloper?

~ by mdavey on July 23, 2007.

One Response to “WPF: PresentationDesignDeveloper”

  1. We wanted the design time assemblies to match WPF so they feel like they are part of the same framework. Since WPF is about “presentation” it’s assemblies have PresentationCore, PresentationFramework, etc.

    These assemblies are shared both by Visual Studio and by Expression Blend. The Visual Studio specific features — those features that are targeted at “developers” — are stored in PresentationDesignDeveloper. You’ll notice there are few public classes in this assembly but a ton of internal classes. The assembly provides developer targeted features using the public extensibility model exposed from lower assemblies, which is why it has so small a public surface area.

    Note that for Visual Studio Beta 2 we are renaming these assemblies. PresentationDesign is going away as a prefix and is being replaced with Microsoft.Windows.Design. We did this so the assembly names more closely matched the namespaces, and also so people didn’t get confused and accidentally reference design time assemblies when they meant to reference WPF assemblies. It turned out that the old names felt at little too much like part of WPF and apps ended up with dependencies on designer features.

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