LINQ. Seniority.

I see Ronan has blogged about the LINQ to SQL Visualizer – worth remembering for the next .NET Meetup.  There are a few more LINQ links hereAtrevido is also worth a read.

Given that the data services layer is always a hot topic on projects, Mike Taulty’s recent postings on the Entity Framework are probably worth a read.  There’s even a posting on how to use Entity Framework with stored procs – hopefully you haven’t got all your business logic in stored procedures 😉

Looks like C++0x will incorporate a standard threading model.

Anand has an interesting posting about meeting a Microsoft VP. Quite a few of his points are also relevant to interviews. 

What is Don building these days?

Seniority – I’ve blogged about various project issues in the past.  One issue I haven’t blogged about is the “Senior Software Engineer” (SEE) problem.  The SEE is usually the most senior individual on the team, and responsible for ensuring that sensible design decision are be made in the development of the front-office trading application.  Normally there isn’t any issue with the SEE since they know there limitations, have built n trading systems, and know what is required to deliver to the business. 

Problems being to take hold when the SEE doesn’t have the appropriate skillset, but is still in the senior position because of certain circumstances.  Code ownership can often rear its head when the SEE begins to feel threatened.  Communication between team members can sometimes begin to break down, and the basic rules of running a project can get dropped by the road side.  Throw into this mix a multi site team spread over 1+ continents and you can begin to see the cracks….

~ by mdavey on August 29, 2007.

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