Agile Pain, WPF and More

I see vsts process recently blogged about “Fragile Agile”. I still find it amazing that with the number of books/blogs available, “agile” projects still fail to get the basic fundementals correct. Then again I suppose given that there are projects in development that lack basic OO design concepts (e.g. make all class variables protected), maybe I shouldn’t be that amazed anymore.

I’m glad to see Silverlight 1.1 is finally getting a few controls. How long before we get data binding?

Beatriz has a nice posting on TreeView performance, touching on the subject on data/UI virtualization. Virtualization within WPF controls is extemely important when it comes to deal with the quantity/frequency of certain types of trading data. If your learning WPF, check out WPF Tutorials, its also worth reading Box Clever’s WPF Listbox posting.

Nicholas blogs about WCF Performance Comparison whitepaper. The WCF vs .NET Remoting number are probably useful to a lot of people wanting to justify a move to WCF.

Since the .NET Meetup is around the corner, its probably worth having a read of Noah’s Linq posting.

I came across Microsoft Advanced Windows Debugging and Troubleshooting blog recently which contains a number of interesting postings – Windows Startup, Shutdown etc.


~ by mdavey on September 12, 2007.

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