Microsoft Dynamic CRM

Late last week I got a chance to look at Dynamic CRM – not I product I would normally have been excited about seeing. Having spent 2hrs with a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Technical Solution the product does sound suitable for a number of financial specific problems. Interestingly, there is already a Dynamic CRM Financial Services web page together with a number of customer case studies – unfortunately none of these are tier-1 banks, but at least the list contains ABN Amro. On the product side, the .NET extendibility sounds promising as does the easy of configuration (web based). Obviously Outlook integration is nice. Sensibly 4.0 is going to have WF integrated – yes I was demo’d 4.0.

Following the “Cloud” trend Microsoft appears to be adding CRM to the cloud – wonder how this will impact Salesforce?


~ by mdavey on November 12, 2007.

3 Responses to “Microsoft Dynamic CRM”

  1. A good viable competitor to salesforce is needed, the service that I have experienced with them is far from great, possibly they have lulled themselves intoa a false sence of importannce in the market place. Time for an alternative, and if MS CRM can provide it great.

  2. ABN Amro (the part now owned by RBS) has about 1400 seats….

  3. dCRM from Digiterre is soley based on this technology and has been adapted for hedge funds, works very well and integrates well with everything (MS wise) you would normally use on your desktop… kinda think MS missed a trick by tagging “CRM” in the product title, as your note indicates it can be used to solve a variety of challanges…

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