F# Visual Studio 2010 Wish List 2

Following on from the previous F# posting:

  • Ability to have F# and C# source files in a single project
  • Today I’m not overly concerned about WPF/WinForm support for F# in VS

I recently got contacted by the Group Program Manager for C# in the Visual Studio product team who’s role is to drive the planning and design process for C# (and now also F#). Hopefully these blog postings and general input from the F# community will help to transform F# into a real product and provide fully integrate into Visual Studio with the same quality and support obligations Microsoft has with other languages.


~ by mdavey on November 15, 2007.

2 Responses to “F# Visual Studio 2010 Wish List 2”

  1. I always wished Visual Studio supported netmodule projects which could then be put into the same assembly. It would make all of the silly ILMerge trickery far less interesting and both the VB and C# compilers have supported module targets since the get go!

  2. The C++ linker can link netmodules into a single file, so you don’t *need* to use ILMerge (unless you have regular dlls that need merging)…

    And from my experience it is faster than ILMerge.

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