WPF: Finally Accepted?

Has WPF finally hit the big time? Josh blogs 10 reasons to consider WPF and Brad blogs a list of 3rd party WPF controls. Josh blog about his latest presentation, and meets a number of the WPF Microsoft bloggers – one of these days maybe I’ll make it to Redmond and meet Jaime, Rob etc.


  • MLAB vs. AL4N
  • Dynamic Time-Travel Maps
  • Lang.NET 2008 looks very interesting – particularly Numerical computing with the CLR. Maybe Don’s talk on Modeling and Languages with give us a hit of what he’s working on.
  • Can Dynamic Languages Scale?

~ by mdavey on January 24, 2008.

One Response to “WPF: Finally Accepted?”

  1. Overall, I would agree that interest in WPF is strong. Yet only two vendors are listed who have released production-quality WPF grid components (ComponentOne’s is still in beta), and at least one smaller vendor, divelements, simply doesn’t have plans for WPF grid even though they sell a good one for Windows Forms. Maybe this is a sign of complexity.

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