Adobe AIR Vs Microsoft Silverlight

So it’s all about to kick off. Adobe releases AIR, and MIX08 is around the corner with Silverlight 2.0. Adobe (similar in some respects to Apple), has an advantage in the graphics community. Apple has cool hardware, Adobe builds cool web sites (Flash). Microsoft needs to play to the designer community if it wants to truely take the flight to Flash. Microsoft Expression Blend was a move in the right direction, but Microsoft needs to consider investing in a plethora of Silverlight 2.0 sites to fully expose the rich Silverlight 2.0 surfacing of data using appropriate progressive disclosure techniques that will provide breath taking RIA applications 🙂 – UX language to the extreme. All I need to do now is get “conviction behind idea” into this posting, coupled with excitment…..

Off topic: Mouse Trap, Google’s Lunchtime Betting Game


~ by mdavey on February 26, 2008.

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