RemoteObject vs REST

Adobe and Microsoft appear to be at opposite ends of the spectrum with regards to RIA server data access. Adobe offers RemoteObject as part of LiveCycle ES – RPC service for Flex clients. Microsoft on the other hand appears to be going down the REST road – e.g. ADO.NET Data Services (code name “Astoria”). Will Adobe gain an advantage by sticking with RemoteObject?

Offtopic: Apple says no to Adobe (iPhone)


~ by mdavey on March 5, 2008.

One Response to “RemoteObject vs REST”

  1. actually, Apple didn’t “say no to Adobe”. They said that the current performance of Flash is poor on the iPhone, which is a different story… So maybe Adobe will come up with an optmized version of Flash for iPhone, or maybe there will be some hardware improvements in the next months… but basically, it looks like a technological issue now, and not a religious one anymore.

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