Book: Bloomberg by Bloomberg

On a colleague’s recommendation I read Bloomberg on Bloomberg. What follows are a few notes on items that jumped out of the book:

  • “We act from day one; others plan how to plan – for months” (Page 52). Taken in context I couldn’t agree more with Michael, sometimes the only thing to do is build a prototype to truly understand what you are trying to build.
  • Page 81 gives a little detail on the way Bloomberg auto generates some news stories e.g. describing market value for a give point during the day. Bloomberg also had the right idea about giving the reporters name and telephone number at the end of each story – I’ve seen some blogs give out phones numbers (Scobleizer). Do bank give out the researcher/economist’s telephone number when the PDF’s are distributed?
  • “Every problem is an opportunity” (page 97). Yep, I get this one on a daily bases at the moment 😉
  • I think the “herding elephants” to use a common platform and computer database still exists today (page 139)
  • Titles are disruptive (page 148).
  • “Numbers lie – and liars use numbers” (page 178) 😉
  • Removing the chairs from the conference room and forcing a stand-up (page 179) – why I like Scrum stand-up meeting each morning 🙂

In summary the book was ok, but the later half I found rather boring and ended up skip reading pages – the book definately sells Bloomberg as the company to go work for. Anyone know of any Bloomberg blogs?

Off topic: Silverlight – IsolatedStorage and Dynamically Loading an Assembly. Flex finally gets a coverage tool – FlexCover.

~ by mdavey on April 15, 2008.

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