Silverlight: Build Business Applications?

Looks to me like we could be in for an interesting announcement at PDC 2008 – “a new technology that makes it easy to build business applications in Silverlight” 😉

Silverlight: Building Business Applications
What if you could develop your solutions with the ease pioneered by Access, deploy them like an Internet application, and take advantage of the power of .NET? Learn about an exciting new technology that is all about making business applications for RIA (Rich Internet Applications) much easier to build. In this session, you’ll hear how we’ve made n-tier application development as simple as traditional 2-tier, provided application level solutions to developers, and how we’re doing all of this with the same.NET platform and tools on both the client and on the server.

Could this be Volta for Silverlight?

Sidebar: Visual State Manager

~ by mdavey on June 5, 2008.

One Response to “Silverlight: Build Business Applications?”

  1. Must be Volta… that MSIL->JS rewriting idea was never going to sell. Silverlight is the perfect platform for it!

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