Dublin, Cloud and More

As we close in on the PDC Microsoft takes it’s normal stance of pre-releasing tip bits of information about PDC announcements. Appears we maybe in for a treat with Dublin, .NET 4.0, Oslo, and Windows Cloud. I suspect we can expect the Silverlight RTM to account sometime in the PDC timeframe as well, although I hope they release details and a short timeframe for Silverlight vNext as Adobe is still ahead of the game in terms of controls.

Amazon with their early cloud initiative and recent Windows support is ahead of Microsoft in cloudland, but as normal we can only expect interesting things from Microsoft, the only downside is the timescales 😦 Lets hope the Zurich rumours are validated at the PDC.

Parallelism is also going to be one of the central themes at the PDC, with this months MSDN Magazine prep’ing the way.

  • Scalability Worst Practices
  • CAB to Prism Comparison Available on Codeplex
  • C# Explored with Anders Hejlsberg – concurrency being one of the import theme’s going forwards
  • To Inline or not to Inline

~ by mdavey on October 3, 2008.

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