No Time To Read PDC Blogs :(

The day job is taking to much time away from keeping up with PDC stuff 😦 I download Azure last night, but have so far failed to write any code other than fire up VS 2008 and build a basic Cloud service. Likewise with Oslo Intellipad – Fowler on Oslo here. I suspect I should look at these white papers as well sometime.

It appears Office Web will thankfully use Silverlight 🙂

C# 4.0 will not surprisingly have the dynamic addition – IDynamicObject

WPF stuff:

Anyone tried Avalda’s “Compile parallel F# scripting code to FPGA

Notifications are still not available in Velocity 😦

Clemens on the .NET Service Bus is worth reading.


~ by mdavey on October 28, 2008.

One Response to “No Time To Read PDC Blogs :(”

  1. I know the feeling… 11pm and trying to catch up but way behind you as still not even installed anything!! 😦

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