Surface SDK 1.0 – Installed

Taking a break from SilverTrader, I’ve just installed Microsoft’s Surface SDK 1.0 – XNA Framework is a dependency prior to installation. As expected, the SDK comes with a Surface simulator and a mountain of documentation. Curious to see Microsoft using the MoSCow method in the Interaction Design Guidelines. 14 samples, including the Grand Piano. Time for some financial surface ideas….


~ by mdavey on November 21, 2008.

6 Responses to “Surface SDK 1.0 – Installed”

  1. Hi mdavey,

    I was a consultant with the Microsoft Surface UX team and have been having thinking a lot about projects similar to what you are doing. It would be great to speak some time.

    Please check out my blog at


  2. can you send a copy of the Surface SDK to pieter [dot] vanparys [at] I’m very interested in developping applications for the surface based on Microsoft Dynamics Software.

  3. can you send a copy of the Surface SDK to (you can send me the link for the download)

  4. Can you please e-mail me a copy Surface SDK.

  5. if it is possible can i have the surface SDK . Thank you

  6. i really need the SDK
    Thank you very much

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