For Microsoft to build part of Visual Studio 2010 using WPF finally means that Microsoft is truely prepared to eat its own dog food on a major application. With WPF 3.5 SP1 performance has improved, but as in all software there are still gains to be had – .NET FX 4 should help with this push. It looks like if you want to extend 2010, you need to be looking at MEF.

MEF is available today from CodePlex. PDC08 video. Glenn has details of Preview 3 here. Following down the DLR road, Ruby and MEF details are here.

The link between Unity and MEF is explain by Krysztof: “The relationship with the Unity team is the regular relationship between the P&P group and the .NET Framework group where we trickle successful technologies and ideas from the P&P team into the .NET Framework after they have passed the test of time. “. I suppose the obvious question is, will Unity continue to evolve once MEF is released?

~ by mdavey on December 24, 2008.

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  1. […] highlights the folly of MEF: Microsoft slip something into their System namespace, then decide to replace it with something […]

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