Windows 7 64-bit on a MacBook

I download Windows 7 64-bit down from MSDN last night and decided to put it on my MacBook. The install went fine. After reading various blogs, and the fact that the Apple Window drivers are only 32bit (“Boot Camp x64 is unsupported on this computer model” 😦 ), I decided to re-install Windows 7 32-bit – mainly due to the fact that I can’t live without a working trackpad. The 64bit task bar on the MacBook looks plain – due to the lack display drivers.

Windows 7 32-bit install was easy, and the MacBook drivers work without any issue – helped by 6.1 I suspect.


~ by mdavey on January 9, 2009.

11 Responses to “Windows 7 64-bit on a MacBook”

  1. Matt,

    Yeah, but the 6.1 still causes problems. I talked to a Microsoft guy at the PDC who told me that Windows 7 was great, except his team’s software wouldn’t install without a change. They were checking the Windows version and failing because it was beyond 6.0. He wasn’t aware that the Windows logo certifications explicitly forbid this kind of check. They should dogfood those logo-certs . . . they are painful for ISVs and apparently aren’t well understood internally.


  2. Apple released a 64 bit version of the boot camp software; see here.

    Were you able to boot and install straight from the 64 bit image or did you have to modify it using the guide linked to from my blog?


  3. Josh,

    Yes, booted and installed from the standard ISO


  4. Windows 7 64-bit works mostly fine with the white Macbook. Aero and wireless run right out of the box and the 64-bit drivers from the Leopard DVD cover everything else, albeit it must be done from a manual install (\Boot Camp\Drivers\Apple\BootCamp64).

  5. Except the sound, I installed Realtek HD Audio drivers for that.

  6. U didn’t heard about boot camp 64 bit version, thanks for the tip !!!

  7. Yeah, I have a eight-core Mac Pro with 12 GB RAM and it runs Windows 7 just fine with Apple’s BootCamp 64, but I soon discovered that there is no point in having 64-bit hardware and operating systems if there is no 64-bit trading software to take advantage of them… What a pity!

  8. I just installed win 7 64bit on my white macbook using bootcamp. IT went fine but when I try too configure the bootcamp using my OS X disc the program says it does´nt support the 64bit system. Anyone who got this too work?

  9. I alredy tried to run the bootcamp64.msi and that didnt work. The thing that happend was that I got a notifikation that this program has a known copatibility issu. And after that a window came up with a unexpected error, code 2229.

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