Azure: Invitation Code

I finally got the invitation code I have been waiting for:

This invitation to participate in the Windows Azure Community Technical Preview is subject to the following usage limits:

Total compute usage: 2000 VM hours
Cloud storage capacity: 50GB
Total storage bandwidth: 20GB/day

Now all I need is a few hours of quite to actually get some code into Azure. The more I think about the whole idea of putting the basics of a SDP into the cloud the sooner I can validate Azure from a financial perspective.

Useful links:

  • January 2009 CTP of the Windows Azure Tools and SDK released
  • Silverlight in the Mesh and the “Cloud”
  • Debugging Silverlight in a Web Role on the Development Fabric
  • Windows Azure Services – Exercise 1 – The Very Beginning – The Infamous Hello World
  • Windows Azure Services – Exercise 2: Configuration, Logging, and Debugging
  • Microsoft Azure Services Platform: Opening Up Cloud Computing
  • Mark Russinovich: Inside Windows 7
  • Things that will impact concurrency & capacity behavior of WCF service (with simoultaneous client requests/connections)
  • WPF Threading Model via Windbg
  • Aaron Skonnard WCF Screencasts

~ by mdavey on January 20, 2009.

One Response to “Azure: Invitation Code”

  1. Another bloggers story on performance WCF (he went so far as to cache the responses in their serialised form):

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