Silverlight: 3D Butterfly Trade Prices

As detailed here, an example of a butterfly trade is a 2year/5year/30year. Usually the prices are displayed in a grid (2D). But given that there are three legs, what about using a 3D cube, where you can manipulate the cube to view the layer (legs) of prices you are interested in. In the below (poorly 🙂 ) drawn diagram, moving between the legs on the outer circular selector would select a layer within the cube – the remainder of the cube would be translucent The layer selected would effectively be a grid with butterfly prices for the selected legs. Now the important question; Can this be build in Silverlight today? If not, then will Silverlight 3 provide the appropriate feature set?


Off topic: Using the Concurrency and Coordination Runtime

~ by mdavey on February 11, 2009.

One Response to “Silverlight: 3D Butterfly Trade Prices”

  1. You can most certainly build anything 3D with 2D, given that 3D is just an illusion of 2D. Automating it would be as simple as defining a offset mapping according to the z-order; a point on a plane nearest the ‘camera’ would appear at,say, 202,341 which would represent the top left front corner of a box. Drawing a point further back would simply mean moving the point up and right a bit (and perhaps fading it or changing its size). Running all your coords through the offset function according to depth/z can yield a rudimentary isometric 3D environment.

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