Silverlight: Microsoft Needs to Spend More Dollars

Areas Microsoft should consider spending dollars on when planning Silverlight v.Next:

  • Flex [Bindable] vs .NET INotifyPropertyChanged
  • Blend needs intellisense/version control!
  • AIR/Flash vs WPF/Silverlight
  • vs
  • FlexSpy vs ?
  • Get AKQA on Silverlight, and do some cool UX, sharing the assets

Off topic: Silverlight Windbg, Multitouch

~ by mdavey on February 19, 2009.

One Response to “Silverlight: Microsoft Needs to Spend More Dollars”

  1. So…there is someone still writing software for an investment bank?
    That seems so strange, I thought all the investment banks got bought out by the US federal reserve? You’ll have to learn java….

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