Book: Concurrent Programming on Windows

Firstly this is a great book. Joe Duffy has produced a book every Windows developer should own. The level of detail is spot on, for example page 283 provides details of how Monitors are implemented. I also particularly like the debugging information found in the book e.g. page 270. Chapter 3 offers an interesting read on Thread Pools.

I didn’t realize that Fibers were nearly added to CLR 2.0, but then pulled prior to release (page 429). No concurrent book would be complete without the double-checked locking pattern – page 520 😉 Parallel Containers, chapter 12 is a must read – actually the whole book is a must read!

Finally there are some design rules in Appendix A that every software engineer designing reusable libraries should read.

For me the biggest problem with the book is it’s size. You can’t really carry an 800+ page book each day on a commute to London – its just awkward.

~ by mdavey on February 24, 2009.

4 Responses to “Book: Concurrent Programming on Windows”

  1. Sorry about the size. You need a kindle 😉

    But seriously, thanks a ton for the positive feedback.

    I hope the book proves useful with time.


  2. Great review, i believe the book is really good and should be part on one’s library. I am yet to complete it but gives a great insight.

  3. Kindle? There does not seem to be a digital version available. Neither on Amazon, nor on B&N or O’Reilly. The sample Ch2 pdf has already found its way into my Sony Reader. Hope the rest of the book will get there soon ;). There’s really no way I can carry a 1000 page book in a Japanese train.

  4. Safari Online books has it – halfway through it the electronic version at the moment and it’s rated purchasing the hard copy

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