Azure: Visual Studio Cloud?

With all the effort Microsoft is putting into the Cloud, I wonder if they have considered Visual Studio Cloud? Given Mozilla released Bespin and an Eclipse-based Bespin server, maybe Microsoft should consider a version of Visual Studio in the Cloud to truely revolutionise development. Only downside is that it could impact sales of Visual Studio, but given that there is a free version of visual studio already available, that may already be offset.

Links from my Google Reader Starred Items folder I have yet to fully read:

  • Moq 3.0
  • MEF Contrib
  • Family.Show v3
  • Microsoft: The Future of Business Technology
  • MultiTargeting M-V-VM
  • Flash vs Silverlight Gallery
  • WPF Effects Library Demo
  • Windows Azure Log Viewer
  • Microsoft Azure ‘How Do I’ videos
  • Maestro – I know Microsoft has not committed to shipping this “special-purpose language” (SPL), but I suspect Maestro in some shape or form will ship in .NET 5 given the amount of effort that is being given to the development
  • Scale WCF Application Better with Asynchronous Programming
  • The Art of Debugging series

~ by mdavey on March 7, 2009.

One Response to “Azure: Visual Studio Cloud?”

  1. That’s a fabulous comparison site you found. Its just a shame the vote wasn’t a blind diet coke style test. But I suppose the user can always right click and discover the plug-in in use.

    On another note, its version control and VS Team style services in the Cloud which I think will come sooner than a complete RIA IDE. That said, 2010 is going to be WPF so an XBAP might be on the cards.

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