MIX09 Videos, Oslo, Cloud Memory and More

Tonight is one of those nights where I finally get around to reading various blog postings that I’ve starred in Google Reader. So here goes some thoughts on the various postings:

  • MIX09 videos – definitely worth a watch, especially the Blend 3 segments 🙂 Actually, just watch everything 🙂 The Azure sessions I mostly skip watched since I general knew what was coming. 10 way to ensure RIA Failure 😉 Probably worth a watch by a few companies.
  • James asks for thoughts on his up and coming MSDN Magazine Series: From Web Dev to RIA Dev. I’d like to see a trading application used as an example. Usually magazine articles and blogs use the shopping card boring CRUD style applications, which to be honest just don’t deal with real-time data and mass updates, coupled with transactions in real-time. So I guess I fail on the ““Classic” ASP.NET Applications” point, but I’d like to see push data dealt with from a “Topic” perspective.
  • I’m a geek for reading (and finding interesting) this type of background information on Microsoft projects – Surface
  • Azure white papers here
  • I’ve found over recent months that High Scalability offers a decent RSS to pick up Cloud articles. Lew Tucker – Virtual Data Centers in the Open Cloud and Are Cloud Based Memory Architectures the Next Big Thing being two such articles that are probably worth a quick read
  • VS 2010 look like it’s going to be a cool release – as almost every next release of VS does 🙂 Drag-Drop data binding for WPF is just one of the features we can expect. Will VS 2010 + Blend 3 finally provides us with a dream tool set?
  • MService begins to make Oslo interesting
  • SilverlightSpy == FlexSpy?
  • Given .NET RIA Services is build on ADO.NET Data Services and WCF, ADO.NET Data Services Friendly Feeds , Mapping CLR Types is probably worth a read.
  • There have been a number of WCF postings over the last few weeks that have caught my eye: WCFMock, Tracing and WCF with F#
  • Resources always appear to be a pain in WPF land
  • If you happen to want to run some existing analytics code in Azure, you might find this posting helpful
  • More M-V-VM – Ocean
  • I agree with WPF Wonderland, we need a community site where designers can display their templates for WPF/Silverlight controls and others can peruse the catalog looking for design ideas and samples. As I blogged previously, Microsoft should do this, and get their best design agency involved!
  • Slidentity shows off Silverlight 3 features

~ by mdavey on March 24, 2009.

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