Notes from UK Azure Net User Group Meeting

The first UK Azure Net User Group meeting happened tonight at Microsoft London (Cardinal Place). James Conard provided a well received demo-heavy presentation to the 100+ group. Here are a few notes I took (in no particular order):

  • IIS 7.5 will make it into Azure as soon as its released
  • An updated .NET Services CTP is about to become available
  • Fall 2009 is the release of Azure, SQL Services and .NET Services
  • .NET 4 will make it into Azure as soon as its released
  • Data geo will soon be available in Azure – initially two data centres
  • Data may mean that certain applications will not be cloud suitable
  • After Azure is released developer should hopefully still have some kind of free access – maybe be MSDN
  • Tesco developers were in the audience, not sure if any banks had software engineers present
  • Security questioned were raised from a viewpoint of data, access, operational policies, hard disk access etc. Microsoft is going to product a white paper
  • I chatted with Alistair Beagley (Emerging Business / Technologie) and Simon Davies (Architectural Systems Engineer, Developer and Platform Group) about CloudTrader. Simon also captured some brief video clips of my thoughts and reactions to Windows Azure and cloud computing in general. Hopefully they will be published on sites such as YouTube, Channel9 etc

    One point to note on the food. It’s always pizza in meetups like this. Maybe Microsoft will consider a healthier option next time, or at least a fruit bowl.


~ by mdavey on March 31, 2009.

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