Thoughts from the Snow

Having avoided reading any email/blogs for the last few days whilst on vacation I thought I’d spend a little time tonight while sitting in front of the fire and away from the snow (Norway) and catch up on the 1000’s of emails Google Reader postings. What follows is a list of some of the things I’ve read, together with comments were appropriate:

  • Velocity reaches CTP3 – I’m glad Microsoft has got cache notification into Velocity. Maybe they should consider adding Velocity to Azure – Microsoft Data Fabric?
  • Above the Clouds – Subscribed. Presentation available here
  • Goldman Sachs blog (via Slashdot)
  • Some thoughts on Java 7
  • WCF Azure Samples – the SilverlightChat sample is worth a look, its unfortunate that it’s not pushed by the .NET Service Bus 😦 I hoping Clemens Vasters excellent postings on the .NET Service Bus will shed some light on using Silverlight as a client to the .NET Service Bus – e.g. how to request a token (cross domain).
  • Silverlight stuff – Spy, SLOOB vs. AIR, style enhancements and SEO
  • Montrusco Bolton Investments turns to Visual WebGui to migrate a VB 6 application to the web – shame the screen shot provided shows one ugly application, they need to hire UX fast!
  • Brad blogs a few .NET RIA Services links
  • Amazon Elastic MapReduce – although well blogged by other people, I’m more interested in when a CEP vendor (Aleri?) will jump on the EC2 bandwagon
  • Rhino Security
  • Task Parallel Library beta 1 details

~ by mdavey on April 12, 2009.

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