Microsoft UK: Silverlight UK Launch Event Notes

Today (22nd July 2009) I am sitting in Auditorium 2, Microsoft’s Cardinal Place, London Victoria as part of the UK Silverlight 3 & Expression 3 launch celebration event. First problem of the morning was to get my MacBook to feed the project the correct VGA signal. Ideally Microsoft wanted 1024×768 60Hz for their screen, unfortunately the Line Of Business (LOB) application I have needs a larger resolution due to the toolbar 😦 – note to developers. During the course of trying various resolutions and frequencies to allow the demo to be displayed correct I somehow managed to hang my MacBook forcing me to hard reboot 😦 Anyway, after all that we appear to have acceptable settings for the event.

Lab49, EMC, i2Q and Money Dashboard are here all showing applications during the event. Metia is also here presenting from a digital agency perspective.

There’s a HP TouchScreen (running Windows 7) here as well which George Hall from Money Dashboard has just demo’d his Silverlight 3 RIA on … via touch 🙂

Curious to see if my video interview with Mike Taulty is used. Hopefully part of the interview and the filmed investment bank mainframe batch join visualization RIA will make the cut.

So a little more on the LAB49 LOB demo:

  • Context: The consolidation of bank of the last few year has meant that some banks have large mainframe service departments. These mainframe systems perform daily trading and settlement, as well as weekly, monthly, and quarterly reporting and are comprised of many interdependent batch jobs.
  • Problem: The operations and support teams at these banks often have no efficient way of examining job dependencies, determining whether the output of jobs were being used, or explaining why certain jobs would miss their SLA. Finding answers to these questions takes a highly skilled, highly permissioned operator several hours. More complex questions (such as finding a list of all jobs that are running longer than the 1m moving average) have been impossible. Each orphaned, poorly coded, or out of date job loses a bank millions in unnecessary mainframe fees. The resulting higher transaction costs directly hamper a banks competitiveness.
  • Solution: A Silverlight RIA that allows interactive analysis and visualization tool for batch job dependency data.

Had an interesting conversation with i2Q (Nick Harewood) on the topic of hybrid vs architect vs designer UX roles. It was interesting to hear how companies are grappling with agile+ux – both Metia and i2Q are following this road, as are Lab49.

Mark Quirk kicking off the launch, and introduced Ian Ellison-Taylor, who gave an overview of software experiences leading to Silverlight. Andrew Martin (metia) coined the phrase paired delivering – UX and Development paired in an agile way. The SEAT case study proves the Silverlight install is not a hurdle in developing Silverlight RIA’s.

Today is the final release of Microsoft Expression Studio 3.

Mike’s Taulty’s SketchFlow demo provided a good overview – for exmple showing how to throw static images into SketchFlow screens, coupled with state groups, and sketchflow annimation. The SketchFlow Play I suspect will be of interested to the Usability UX world. Interesting that here is no Visio import, but there is for the Adobe UX applications and PowerPoint.

i2Q’s talk was very green 🙂 Glad they moved to SketchFlow to save the trees 🙂

I think I whizzed thought the Lab49 demo a little quickly during the afternoon session, but then again I think I got the point over, and I only had a limited about of time.


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