Rx, MSDN Magazine and Another Push Server (Nirvana)

I see Channel9 has another Rx video worth watching.

MSDN Magazine August 2009 has a few articles worth reading:

  • MultiTouch Capabilities in Windows 7
  • Code Contracts
  • Data Performance and Fault Strategies in Silverlight 3
  • Building WPF and Silverlight Applications with a Single Code Base Using Prism

Over the last few months I’ve blogged about Push Servers (COMET) – Lightstreamer and co. Unfortunately I appear to have forgotten Nirvana. my-Channels homepage shows that CSFB, DB, Tullet and UBS use Nirvana. Nirvana even has a Silverlight API 🙂 – demo here.

DB Autobahn uses Nirvana – case study here.


~ by mdavey on August 4, 2009.

6 Responses to “Rx, MSDN Magazine and Another Push Server (Nirvana)”

  1. […] is the original post: Rx, MSDN Magazine and Another Push Server (Nirvana) « Tales from a … Categories : domain, server, url, windows Tags : archives, capabilities, contracts, […]

  2. Many thanks for your post. If you or any of your readers require any additional information about Nirvana please drop us a line via support@my-channels.com

  3. FYI Migratory Push Engine is another new push server developed by Migratory Data Systems (http://www.migratory.ro) able to publish real-time data up to half-million concurrent users from an entry level hardware (see benchmarks results here: http://www.migratory.ro/data/RMDS2WEB_Server_ProductSheet.pdf).

  4. here is the correct url for the benchmarking document:


  5. It seems that one of the two comments I posted today has not been published. Just to avoid any confusion, in the missing comment, I pointed out about the existence of Migratory Push Engine, a new push server developed by Migratory Data Systems – http://www.migratory.ro – able to push real-time data up to 500,000 concurrent users (URL for benchmarking results available in the previous comment).

  6. Yet another push server:


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