Pen and Pad Rule?

I’ve seen a number of projects where there is this view that until UX has produced the high fidelity wireframe, development and other players in the overall project shouldn’t be allow to view design. Well it appear that I’m not alone in think this is completely mad 🙂 Luckily Lab49’s London UX team agrees with me – especially since I hired the people in the team 🙂


~ by mdavey on August 29, 2009.

One Response to “Pen and Pad Rule?”

  1. Actually, I’m not surprised that this happens. Its been my experience that people have a wide range of ability to view the design development process: Some people can “read” sketches, can participate in the crafting of solutions, and keep an open mind to unexpected solutions that emerge from collaboration, but others have very narrow expectations and resist anything outside their comfort zone, or isn’t what they thought of themselves. So you have to produce deliverables that are appropriate to the audience. If your lucky, or can educate well, then it can be a fast iteration of sketches. If not, you have to produce pixel-perfect visuals and a tall stack of documentation because anything short of that isn’t understood.

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