Silverlight Tools: Build for OS X!

Jamie over at Big Spaceship voices a view echoed by most designers – Expression Blend needs an OS X build. VMWare and Parallels work, but forcing all designers to install a VM just to run Blend when they spend their lives in OS X land using the Adobe suite is madness. I know Microsoft want to sell Windows, but on the flip side they also need to make it easy for designers to use Expression Blend.

“Silverlight is a worthy competitor to Flash. It is a lot of fun to build in. I recommend it. I think there are times when it’ll be faster to build certain things in Silverlight than Flash and vice versa, and it is a matter of learning where the strengths and weaknesses are for each.”


~ by mdavey on October 19, 2009.

2 Responses to “Silverlight Tools: Build for OS X!”

  1. Expression Blend is written using the CLR and WPF which would mean the whole .NET Framework would need an OS X build.

    You’re probably more likely to see a hosted Silverlight Visual Studio IDE with Expression (a la Office Live) before then.

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