RX, CCR, CEP, LinqLite, Coreinfo and More

Having been away for a few days I’ve spend the last few hours catching up on emails and blogs.

  • Inside .NET Rx and IObservable/IObserver in the BCL – worth a watch if you want to know how they implemented the type projection funtion of ‘Select’ in the RX framework
  • We haven’t see George Chrysanthakopoulos on C9 for awhile. Wonder if he is still in CCR land?
  • I see Rob has an interesting session at PDC09. I guess that will be the session to tell us all about System.Xaml.dll. Hopefully Rob will release his XAML Analysis Tool soon as February 2009 was a long time ago 😦
  • I see Forester release the “Complex Event Processing (CEP) Platforms, Q3 2009” report back in August 2009. Aleri did well in the report, as expected. I have to say that “Forrester believes that Microsoft and SAP will not be far behind in introducing CEP to their product portfolios” is amusing given that Microsoft was already well down the CEP development road at the time the report was published.
  • Infragistics has a white paper on “Performance in the Infragistics® xamWebGrid for Microsoft® Silverlight”. It’s performance does look good, but I suspect it’s not in the same ballpark as Syncfusion’s cell grid.
  • jQuery samples – impressive, but is this reason to avoid Adobe/Microsoft RIA technology?
  • WPF 4 – a follow-on from Rob’s posting above, New XAML/BAML Parser Engine – Tools to analyze and manipulate XAML will also be much easier to create with many of the new low level APIs provided in System.Xaml.dll. More WPF 4 features discussed here.
  • LinqLite
  • David Chappell on Cloud Computing
  • Silverlight’s WriteableBitmap class
  • Coreinfo – iscovery of Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) nodes, processor-groups, sockets, cache and processor configuration information on Windows 7 (x64) and Windows Server 2008 R2
  • “Oslo” at the 2009 PDC – it’s probably worth catching these session on Oslo given the investment MSFT is making into Oslo
  • GemFire – data management

~ by mdavey on November 2, 2009.

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