PDC 2009 Is Near

The PDC 2009 is just over a week away. Looking at the sessions, if I were going (which I’m not 😦 ) I’d take a keen interesting in the following:

  • Concurrency Fuzzing & Data Races
  • Building Amazing Business Applications with Microsoft Silverlight and Microsoft .NET RIA Services
  • Advanced Topics for Building Large-Scale Applications with Microsoft Silverlight
  • Rx: Reactive Extensions for .NET
  • Infer.NET: Building Software with Intelligence – download and samples available here if you want to read up prior to the PDC
  • Data-Intensive Computing on Windows HPC Server with the DryadLINQ Framework – DryadLINQ is a cool technology I blogged about a sometime ago. I’m still unclear why Microsoft hasn’t moving DryadLINQ into the HPC land as a full product given its work with PLINQ. Maybe the PDC will make things clearer? (
  • Building Hybrid Cloud Applications with Windows Azure and the Service Bus
  • Microsoft Project Code Name “M”: The Data and Modeling Language
  • Future of Garbage Collection
  • Scaling Your Data Tier with Microsoft Project Code Name “Velocity” – Velocity is aimed directly at Coherence (Oracle), but maybe Microsoft want to look Gigaspaces, and features such as Process Units.
  • Windows 7 Developer Boot Camp
  • Mastering Microsoft .NET RIA Services
  • Advanced Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 StreamInsight – having been on a number of conference calls with Roman and Torsten, it would have been nice to finally meet them

~ by mdavey on November 10, 2009.

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