Silverlight Superset of WPF

Bill blogs about Silverlight being a superset of WPF. I’ve had this view for a long time. With Google, Adobe and Microsoft all fighting it out in the RIA space, could the desktop be left behind?


~ by mdavey on November 18, 2009.

One Response to “Silverlight Superset of WPF”

  1. It depends what you mean by Silverlight vs WPF.

    If it’s competition between UI technology – they are so similiar I would not make a difference. Silverlight is kind of less rich but surely enough and with Silverlight maturity they will be on par anyway.

    If you mean competition between two flavors of .NET that’s more interesting question.

    Looks like indeed Silverlight .NET starts eliminating full .NET on the client side.

    And this is exciting. Who would think that “write once, run everythere” will come from MS. But let see.

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