SQL Server Modeling, LINQ to M and AndAnd

A few articles caught my eye recently while train surfing:

  • This SQL Server Modeling three part series is worth watching. There are also a few more relevant video’s here. The MCsla uses modelling data from the repository to generate a user experience – a WPF interface. The DSL discribes what the runtime can do based on entitlements. This concept may for example be of interest from an exotic trade entry viewpoint. The 3rd video in the series has the code and demo if you want to jump to the interesting stuff 🙂
  • IL perversions: throwing and catching strings
  • Andand.NET
  • Telerik LINQ to M Refresh
  • Notes from the Agile UX Retreat at Cooper
  • Implement your own Parallel.For in C#

~ by mdavey on February 9, 2010.

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