Notes on AppFabric Beta 2 and Cache Notifications

After successfully installing AppFabric beta 2, I though it was time to look at hooking Velocity into a Proof Of Concept (POC) I’m working on. Having played around with Velocity during the CTP1/2 timeframe it provide painful to remember what to do to get the cache running. Hence here are a few notes:

  • Open “Windows PowerShell Modules” from the Start menu in Windows 7
  • Use-CacheCluster will provide a view of the cluster you have just displayed. The cluster will probably have a status of DOWN.
  • Start the cluster using Start-CacheCluster
  • Download the Beta 2 samples from here
  • It’s worth reading this posting on cluster admin.
  • Some Microsoft performance numbers are available here

The problem I now have is that I have configured the DataCacheFactoryProperties for notifications:

NotificationProperties = new DataCacheNotificationProperties(100, TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1));

But I still get an exception (System.NotSupportedException: Notifications are not supported because Cache is not configured to support notifications) when I update the cache? Anyone know what I’ve missed? Answer appear to be here.

Update: There answer to the above issue as here. If your running with the default settings you need to run the following:

  • Stop-CacheCluster
  • Set-CacheCluster -CacheName default -NotificationsEnabled True
  • Start-CacheCluster

~ by mdavey on March 3, 2010.

One Response to “Notes on AppFabric Beta 2 and Cache Notifications”

  1. You need to enable cahce notifications on the cache:
    set-cacheconfig -NotificationsEnabled true

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