Blend 4 Thoughts

  • Collapse all projects in a solution from a right click would be nice
  • To really benefit from Blend, you need good designer/developer interaction coupled with an understanding of XAML
  • When adding a column, it would be nice that when dragging the column, the pixels size or similar was displayed by the cursor
  • In the layout width setting, why does Blend use the word “star” instead of “*” as per XAML
  • When the Row Design dialog is open, and rows are changed it would be nice to see the row highlighted on the design surface
  • Shame you can’t default the width to Pixel instead of Star
  • Auto Size Fill could do with a shortcut key
  • Customizing shortcuts would be a nice addition to Blend, as per Visual Studio
  • Group Into causes the ItemsControl to set the height/width which is a mare, and need to do auto set to correct. Why are there so many bugs in Blend 4 with Height/Width?
  • A ruler guide would be nice
  • Undo history is nice in Photoshop, Blend should consider something similar
  • Worth a read – Path Layout

~ by mdavey on April 12, 2010.

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