HPC Pack 2008 R2 Beta 2 – Moving Forwards

So we’ve upgraded our HPC cluster to R2 Beta 2, but that hasn’t solve the install issue with Dryad 😦 Has anyone else managed to get Dryad installed?

Looking at the R2 documentation there are a few features that maybe of interesting in my F# cashflow HPC Proof Of Concept (POC):

  • Node exclusion listing
  • Fire and recollect programming model – If I remember correctly, DataSynapse offers this features

Looking at the R2 Beta2 samples that Microsoft provide, it would appear that the Scheduler and SOA samples are of most relevance. Ignoring Dryad for the moment (still go issues install it) I think HPC SOA looks interesting from a Market Risk perspective – more on what I am thinking soon.

Having look at Azure quite some time ago from a Cloud Single Dealer Platform (SDP) perspective I’m now also interested in leveraging Azure for Market Risk.


~ by mdavey on April 23, 2010.

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