StreamInsight: Market Strategy Thoughts About DSL’s At The Airport

Lets first talk New York cabs. Every time I leave NY for the airport (approx 3-4pm) I always find it a complete nightmare to get a cab – it appear that this is the “change” over time. Serious New York, you need to sort this madness out. Because of this cab madness the journey from New York to Newark was particularly painful, involving Penn Station and Newark “small” AirTrain. Remind me never to depart from Newark again!

So onto StreamInsight and the Market Strategy demo I gave at SIFMA yesterday. Although the LINQ integration with StreamInsight is nice, and a big plus point for the CEP engine, it occurs to me that in a future version of StreamInsight I’d really like to define my order/trading rules (trading language) in a DSL. Now given that Microsoft appear to still be pondering on where “M” fits into it’s product line-up, I was wondering if I could take SQL Server Modeling CTP (November 2009) Release 3 and do something similar to that of the Model Driven Content Based Routing sample.

It’s obviously time for a bit of a home project again 🙂 Hopefully the StreamInsight team are reading this 🙂


~ by mdavey on June 25, 2010.

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