Random Reading – F#, Azure, PDC, MSBuild and More

  • PDC – October 2010 – It’s all cloud?
  • Windows Azure Platform Appliance – Could this be what banks needs to begin to move down the Azure road?
  • The Fluid UI in Silverlight 4 – Every Single Dealer Platform (SDP) needs a Fade In, Fade Out effect 🙂
  • Problems and Solutions with Model-View-ViewModel – but no mention of Rx 😦
  • Building Distributed Apps with NHibernate and Rhino Service Bus
  • Silverlight in an Occasionally Connected World – every SDP needs to offer the ability to read research etc offline 🙂
  • Service Bus Buffers
  • Future of Self-Service Banking
  • Looking at duplex communication in Silverlight 4
  • Windows Azure Platform: Articles from the Trenches Volume 1
  • A Manifesto for Agile Strategy: oxymoron or innovation?
  • Making the Most of Silverlight Text Rendering
  • Debugging MSBuild script with Visual Studio
  • 5 Best practices for F# and An F# WPF MVVM Project Template

~ by mdavey on July 14, 2010.

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